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24.-25.3.2014 Final action workshop
"Chemical Proteomics 2014" and MC-meeting 26.03.2014 of the COST CM1004 Action at Cambridge, United Kingdom.

11.-15.11.2013 Training School of the COST CM1004 Action
Training School of the COST CM1004 Action at University Duisburg-Essen, Germany.

08. 04. - 10. 04. 2013 Spring Meeting
"Chemical probes in chemical proteomics and > biosynthesis studies" - Spring Meeting (incl. MC-Meeting) 2013 of the COST > CM1004 Action at the TU Berlin, Germany

January, 2017
Protein profiling probes, designed and prepared by synthetic chemists, have high potential as tools to study proteomes. We aim to bring together a group of chemical biologists that share common interests in their attempts to design and synthesize probes for chemical proteomics and for unraveling important biosynthetic pathways. Examples of such probes are those with which specific proteins or protein families can be targeted within a proteome for enrichment and subsequent identification and analysis. Synthetic probes directed at enzymes (also referred to as activity-based probes) report on the presence of active enzymes, and not on mere polypeptide expression levels. Alternatively, synthetic probes can be used to identify unknown receptors as well as post-translational modification events. New probes and innovative methods of analysis are urgently needed, and with this Action we will provide a common platform to develop and share these important tools for fundamental and applied biological and biomedical research.

The project gathers 12 partner institutions from all over Europe with high level of expertise in their scientific fields:

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